Transformer Mylar Tape

mylar tape

Insulation Mylar Tape for transformer Mylar Tape


Mylar tape using polyester film as backing, coated with acrylic adhesive. 


Propylene flame-retardant adhesive tape

1. high conformity

2. chemical resistance

3. solvent resistance

4. abrasion resistance

5. different colors for your option

Description With polyster film as basement,coated with flame retardant acrylic adhesive.
Application It's mostly applied for the transformer,motor, capacitor and other electronic parts insulation wrapping.
Feature great performance on flame resistance and  chemical solvent resistance
Technique Data
Item Unit Data Test Method
base   PET  
Thickness mm 0.058 0.055 0.085  
Color   Light Yellow/Dark Yellow Transparent Light Yellow/Dark Yellow Red,Blue,Yellow,White and Black
Physical and Chemical Characteristics      
180°Peel Adhesion KN/m 0.4 0.3 0.46 GB/T 2792-1998
Tensile Strength N/10mm 46 46 84 GB/T 7753-1987
.Elongation % 109 109 127 GB/T 7753-1987
Breakdown Vottage KV 5 5 7.5 GB/T 7752-1987
Temperature Resistance °C 130  
Grade of Temperature Resistance (a) B  
Remark reach requirements of UL510 flame-retardant performance
(a)Clasification: “A”105°C,“E”120°C,“B”130°C,   “F”155°C,“H”180°C, “N”200°C,“R”220°C,“S”240°C.
Package 66 meters per roll



Insulation for transformer,/motor,/capacitor’s electronic components

1. coil wrapping

2. covering of motor stator coil

3. wrapping of transformer coil